6 x 4 m. work installed in República Dominicana. Some of these 20 pieces were up to 2 meters high, and the scaffold, well 

golfmk1 pro job artcar second dismantling for proper finishing

Studio Detail Billo 3 A276 Soon to be exhibited at projects ArtBo Bogotá

Reviewing a 2007 Superstar. Fun.

ESCALA University of Essex Connecting through Collecting- publication with my 1999 work ‘transnational anthem’ on the cover.
Final polish before shipping. Jaime Gili Exile Fleet series #17. 2014. On its way.
Awaiting fun
Detail of painting in progress London Studio Summer 2014
emergency !! missing data - barcelona studio paintings !!

details paintings Jaime Gili 2014

Amarillo Nápoles Dupont Y1/Y037 and a Brown Burgundy Dupont R3/R289 for Exile Fleet 11, on Aluminium 
Centari by Dupont on Aluminium. Exile Fleet in Progress ! Jaime Gili Photo by AMT Manresa